What Comes After by Blair Leigh Available Now!

This was such a beautiful debut by Blair Leigh! I loved everything about this book. The writing was spectacular. I loved Jack and Eliza’s relationship from the start when she meets him right as he’s been left at the altar-she saw the altercation between him and his would-be bride. Their chemistry is off the charts as soon as they meet and doesn’t let up during the entire book.

I loved how Eliza’s emotions are SO real. I was literally feeling every emotion she did. I love the representation of grief and anxiety. Anxiety is something I’ve recently started dealing with, so reading about it was nice.

While I absolutely loved Jack and Eliza and their relationship, I feel like Nova, Eliza’s daughter was a show stealer. I loved everything about her character. Children in romance novels are tricky but Blair did a fantastic job writing her. I also absolutely loved reading about the friendship between Eliza and Simone. Female friendships in books are one of my favorite parts to read and this one was fabulous!

Grab your copy today! What Comes After https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GYQXJ5H/

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