5-Star Review of The Roommate by Rosie Danan

This was just a book of absolute swoony delight. I loved it from the first page. Clara and Josh were 🔥 from the first meeting. I just absolutely loved every single page of this. His swaggering confidence and her timid shyness just hit all of the buttons.

I found myself completely connecting with Clara. I could see myself having the same type of reactions every time she got embarrassed/uncomfortable. I, too, am an awkward person so this just resonated with me.

I love how sex positive this book is and how Clara grows to be more comfortable in her skin. And Josh Darling certainly helps that along.

One of my favorite parts is that they didn’t use the ex-girlfriend as a villain. I really loved that they made her a part of this and showed her actively caring about both Clara and Josh. It would have been too easy to cast her as manipulative/conniving as I’ve seen done in the past, so this was great.

Overall, I just really loved this book. 5 stars and will be recommending it to every person I know!

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